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How does pricing work?
Prices vary based on festival, timing, hair used, and complexity of style.
All prices listed on my website include two packs of hair.
I’m happy to give an estimate at your request.
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Do you require a deposit?
Deposit amount will vary depending on festival size. However, all deposits are non-refundable. This deposit will be deducted from your total cost of service at the time of your appointment.
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Can I bring my own hair?
I only braid using my line of extensions so no need to bring your own! You'll have lots of colors to choose from but if you know you'll need specific colors I am happy to reserve them for you :)
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Where are you located in Denver?
I braid in a few places around the city depending on the occasion. Address will be given once a deposit is secured.
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How do I book an appointment with you?
Please visit my “booking” page :)
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Do you take walk-ins?
At this time I work by appointment-only.
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What is your cancellation/late policy?
I’m happy to reschedule you with a 48 hour notice, however all deposits are non-refundable. I understand "life happens". If for any reason you are expecting to be late to your scheduled appointment, please call me! I work very hard to schedule the right amount of time for each service. Please be aware that in the unfortunate event you are late, I cannot guarantee that your services will be performed that day. Tardiness may require working within the time constraints of the originally scheduled appointment time or rescheduling your appointment for another day. Clients who arrive late will be charged in full for their originally scheduled session.
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Should I book a consultation with you before my appointment?
For most services, a consultation is not necessary since most of the communication about the style can be done through email. However, if you feel you would prefer a face to face consultation, I am happy to set up a facetime or zoom call.
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What should I do before my appointment?
Please come to your appointment with clean (or mostly clean), dry hair. I can work with all hair types and textures so there is no need to straighten your hair prior to your appointment.
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How should I care for my braids?
The less stress on your hair the better. This means avoiding getting them wet, wrapping them in a silk scarf when you sleep, and taking it easy on the head-banging. If you are a head-banger, fear not! Just be conscious of the stress it causes, especially to the nape of your neck & bottom part of your braids.
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How long will my braids last?
Braids typically last 3-5 days depending on how well you take care of them. Braid life varies from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.
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What festivals will you be at in 2022?
EDC Las Vegas
EDC Orlando
Outside of these festivals, I braid full time in Denver.
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Please note that Hailee, as our lead braid specialist, will ALWAYS have you and your hair's best interest in mind. If she believes your hair won't hold up best in a certain style, she will offer alternatives to deliver a hairstyle that will last the longest & you will LOVE. Everyone is different and Hailee will always try her hardest to cater to your particular wants AND hair needs ♡
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How long are the extensions?
Single colors are 24 inches (80 grams)
All other colors are 24 inches (100 grams) 
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Can I use heat on the extensions?
The Classic Rainbow collection is meant to withstand up to 250 degrees fahrenheit. However, the Iridescent Classic Rainbow collection tends not to like heat at all. These extensions can be dipped in hot water though it is not necessary due to the type of fiber.
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How many packs should I order?
For most basic braid styles 2-3 packs are recommended. If you are still not sure, check out the Braiding Services page for an inspiration or fill out our contact form :)
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How long will it take to ship? 
All orders will be sent out within 5 business days. Shipping times vary so please allow enough time before your event :) If you need to upgrade your shipping to priority or overnight shipping, please email haileekayhair@gmail.com with your order number and desired shipping.
Is my order protected?
We are so happy to announce that we now offer Route shipping insurance upon checkout, available for as little as $0.98 to insure your order! Simply select "1 click protect" at checkout to enroll. Route offers extra tracking services and reimbursements for lost/stolen/mis-delivered packages. Please utilize this newly offered service to protect your goods! ♡
Do you offer returns/exchanges?
We only offer exchanges for orders with mistakes made on our behalf. Otherwise, we offer shipping insurance you can opt into (listed above) in order to protect your package in the case something happens to it after it is shipped. At this time, due to the size of our business, shipping costs, and differences in prices amongst our items, it is not economical for our business to offer exchanges for other situations at this time.
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What happens if my package does not show up? 

Please note that Hailee Kay Hair is not liable for any lost, stolen, or otherwise misplaced/undelivered/misdelivered damaged packages. Once packages leave our facility, you will receive tracking information. If there is a problem with delivery please contact your mail carrier service to resolve. HKHair is a small business with substantial costs and it isn’t as easy to replace/refund as it is for large corporations, especially when it is a carrier service’s mishap when something is lost. Please reference the above question for options to insure your packages.




Do I have to know how to braid to use tie-in extensions?

Our tie-ins require absolutely NO braiding skills! Simply make two ponies and attach the tie-ins to each. 

How do I use my tie-in extensions?

Watch this easy follow-along video for tie-in tips & how to use (:

Can I re-use my tie-ins?

Yes, they are reusable! The better you care for them, the longer they will last. 

How do I maintain my tie-in extensions?

Hold onto the bag your extensions come in and place the extensions back into the bag after each use. Tie-ins are most easily damaged by not storing them correctly, so making sure to pack them away correctly is important for their longevity. Make sure not to use any hair product or heat on them as well!

Thank you for your patience, support, and love as we grow!


Have further questions? Please fill out the contact form :)