say it with us: INCLUSIVITY

At Half Sweet, we're more than just a hair extension brand. We believe that being true to yourself is the ultimate power move. Fem, masc; confident, reserved; we believe in feeling however you want to feel today. Everything can exist on a spectrum—kind of like the colors of our curated products. We don’t believe in being put in boxes. We color outside the lines. Come as you are — you're in the right place.


sustainability goals

Despite being a small business, we place a great emphasis on our impact. As our business expands, we strive towards achieving a product recycling program and adopting more sustainable packaging practices. Thank you for evolving with us.

Some things we are doing right now to be sustainable:
– We offer a few kinds of reusable products such as our ponies, tie-in braids, and custom tie-in braids
– Our products are always vegan
– We'll be donating a rotating 1% of a sales a month to sustainability and other charities



Hailee Fortuin, AKA former horsey kiddo, AKA Hailee Kay Hair, is a Denver-based business owner who specializes in festival hair styling. Her skills have earned her recognition, including the Modern Salon Best of the Fest award and a nomination for the Behind The Chair One Shot awards for festival hair.

Today, she's working with festivals to lead teams of expert stylists who provide on-site braiding services for festival goers, VIPs & Artists alike. Half Sweet started with a vision to bring the highest quality extensions to the self-expression space. To book installation services visit @haileekayhair on Instagram.


1% donated monthly

Half Sweet is committed to donating 1% of our sales to a different cause each month throughout the year. We're passionate about making a positive impact in communities and we hope to do even more as we continue to grow. We're always looking for new causes to add to our rotation, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out! Your input could help us make a meaningful difference in the world.

Here are some of the things we give a sh*t about:
- Racial Justice
- LGBTQIA+ & Women's Rights
- Eco Preservation
- Animal Welfare



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